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WRSE data set


This data set was generates from sequentially randomized clinical trials as described in the simulation study of Guo and Tsiatis (2005). It contains the following variables: "X" is the first-stage indicator, X=0 if assigned to A1, and X=1 if assigned to A2; "TR" is the time to response for responders (R=1); "R" is the response status, R=1 for responders, and R=0 for non-responders; "Z" is the second-stage indicator among responders (R=1), Z=0 if assigned to B1, and Z=1 if assigned to B2; "U" is the observed survival time, U is death time if delta=1, and U is censoring time if delta=0; and "delta" is the censoring indicator, delta=1 for event, and delta=0 for censored.




A data frame with rows corresponding to patients.


Generated by Xinyu Tang in R


Guo X, Tsiatis AA: A weighted risk set estimator for survival distributions in two-stage randomization designs with censored survival data. Int. J. Biostatistics 1:1-15, 2005


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