Recursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees

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Documentation for package ‘DStree’ version 1.0

Help Pages

bag Bagging Discrete-Time Survival Trees
dis.cost Convert observed time points in Copenhagen Stroke Study data set
DStree Fit a discrete-time survival tree
DStree.control Control arguments for DStree algorithm
DStree.object DStree Object
plot.DStree Plot a DStree Object
predict.DStree Predictions from a fitted DStree Object
predict.DStreebag Prediction from bagged Discrete-Time Survival Trees
prune.DStree Prune a fitted survival tree
snip Cost-complexity Pruning of a DStree Object
summary.DStree Summarize a Fitted DStree Object
surv Print fitted Survival and Hazard Probabilites of a DStree Object