Diffusion Model of Conflict (DMC) in Reaction Time Tasks

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Documentation for package ‘DMCfun’ version 2.0.2

Help Pages

addDataDF addDataDF
addErrorBars addErrorBars: Add errorbars to plot.
calculateBinProbabilities calculateBinProbabilities
calculateCAF calculateCAF
calculateCostValueCS calculateCostValueCS
calculateCostValueGS calculateCostValueGS
calculateCostValueRMSE calculateCostValueRMSE
calculateCostValueSPE calculateCostValueSPE
calculateDelta calculateDelta
createDF createDF
dmcCombineObservedData dmcCombineObservedData
dmcCppR dmcCppR
dmcFit dmcFit
dmcFitDE dmcFitDE
dmcFitSubject dmcFitSubject
dmcFitSubjectDE dmcFitSubjectDE
dmcObservedData dmcObservedData
dmcSim dmcSim
dmcSimApp dmcSimApp
dmcSims dmcSims: Run multiple dmc simulations
errDist errDist
flankerData A summarised dataset: This is the flanker task data from Ulrich et al. (2015)
mean.dmcfit mean.dmcfit
plot.dmcfit plot.dmcfit: Plot observed + fitted data
plot.dmclist plot.dmclist: Plot delta plots from multiple dmc simulations.
plot.dmcob plot.dmcob: Plot observed data
plot.dmcobs plot.dmcobs: Plot combined observed data
plot.dmcsim plot.dmcsim: Plot dmc simulation
rtDist rtDist
simonData A summarised dataset: This is the simon task data from Ulrich et al. (2015)
summary.dmcfit summary.dmcfit: dmc fit aggregate summary
summary.dmcsim summary.dmcsim: dmc simulation summary