DBIObject-class {DBI}R Documentation

DBIObject class


Base class for all other DBI classes (e.g., drivers, connections). This is a virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.


More generally, the DBI defines a very small set of classes and generics that allows users and applications access DBMS with a common interface. The virtual classes are DBIDriver that individual drivers extend, DBIConnection that represent instances of DBMS connections, and DBIResult that represent the result of a DBMS statement. These three classes extend the basic class of DBIObject, which serves as the root or parent of the class hierarchy.

Implementation notes

An implementation MUST provide methods for the following generics:

It MAY also provide methods for:

See Also

Other DBI classes: DBIConnection-class, DBIConnector-class, DBIDriver-class, DBIResult-class


drv <- RSQLite::SQLite()
con <- dbConnect(drv)

rs <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT 1")
is(drv, "DBIObject")   ## True
is(con, "DBIObject")   ## True
is(rs, "DBIObject")


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