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DBIConnector class


Wraps objects of the DBIDriver class to include connection options. The purpose of this class is to store both the driver and the connection options. A database connection can be established with a call to dbConnect(), passing only that object without additional arguments.


To prevent leakage of passwords and other credentials, this class supports delayed evaluation. All arguments can optionally be a function (callable without arguments). In such a case, the function is evaluated transparently when connecting in dbGetConnectArgs().

See Also

Other DBI classes: DBIConnection-class, DBIDriver-class, DBIObject-class, DBIResult-class

Other DBIConnector generics: dbConnect(), dbDataType(), dbGetConnectArgs(), dbIsReadOnly()


# Create a connector:
cnr <- new("DBIConnector",
  .drv = RSQLite::SQLite(),
  .conn_args = list(dbname = ":memory:")

# Establish a connection through this connector:
con <- dbConnect(cnr)

# Access the database through this connection:
dbGetQuery(con, "SELECT 1 AS a")

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