panel.doublerug {DAMisc}R Documentation

Lattice panel function for two rug plots


This panel function is defined to plot two rugs, one on top of the other in a multi-panel lattice display.


  xa = NULL,
  xb = NULL,
  regular = TRUE,
  start = if (regular) 0 else 0.97,
  end = if (regular) 0.03 else 1,
  x.units = rep("npc", 2),
  lty = 1,
  lwd = 1


xa, xb

Numeric vectors to be plotted.


Logical flag indicating whether rug is to be drawn on the usual side (bottom/left) as opposed to the other side (top/right).

start, end

Start and end points for the rug ticks on the y-axis.


Character vectors, replicated to be of length two. Specifies the (grid) units associated with start and end above. x.units are for the rug on the x-axis and y-axis respectively (and thus are associated with start and end values on the y and x scales respectively). See panel.rug for more details.

lty, lwd

Line type and width arguments (see par for more details).


Dave Armstrong

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