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HIPC_Stanford data


HIPC T cell data set from HIPC program for patients 1228 and 1369 (replicate 1A from Stanford).




The data are composed of 4 objects:


a data.frame of 31342 cells and 7 markers.


a factor vector with the cell type of each of the 31342 observed cells.


a data.frame of 33992 cells and 7 markers.


a factor vector with the cell type of each of the 33992 observed cells.


This immunophenotyping T cell panel from the Lyoplate HIPC dataset was used as part of the FlowCAP III Lyoplate challenge.

Flow cytometry data set from the HIPC T-cell panel study. In the HIPC T-cell panel study, Flow cytometry was measured in 3 samples for each 3 patients (IDs: 1228, 1349 and 1369) with 3 replicates each (1A, 2B and 3C) in 7 centers (NHLBI, Yale, UCLA, CIMR, Baylor, Stanford and Miami), i.e. 63 data sets in total. Manual gating was performed in the different centers to cluster te observed cells into one of 10 cellular populations:

  1. CD8 Effector

  2. CD8 Naive

  3. CD8 Central Memory

  4. CD8 Effector Memory

  5. CD8 Activated

  6. CD4 Effector

  7. CD4 Naive

  8. CD4 Central Memory

  9. CD4 Effector Memory

  10. CD4 Activated


https://www.immuneprofiling.org/hipc/page/show https://www.immunespace.org/ https://www.immunespace.org/project/HIPC/Lyoplate/begin.view?pageId=study.DATA_ANALYSIS


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