RutgersMapB36 {CrypticIBDcheck}R Documentation

physical and genetic map positions for a collection of markers on chromosome 1 to 22


This dataset is list comprised of data frames corresponding to chromosomes 1 to 22. Each data frame has information on physical and genetic map positions for a collection of markers on the corresponding chromosome.




The format of the dataset is a list of 22 elements. Each element is a data frame corresponding to a chromosome with nine columns:

[,1] Markers_name factor marker name
[,2] Type factor marker type
[,3] Primer.SNP_ref_name factor primer or SNP name
[,4] Informative_meioses integer number of informative meioses
[,5] Heterozygosity numeric marker heterozygosity
[,6] Build36_map_physical_position integer physical position (in base pairs) on build 36 of the human genome
[,7] Sex.averaged_map_position numeric sex-averaged map position
[,8] Female_map_position numeric female map position
[,9] Male_map_position numeric male map position


The data were obtained from the Rutgers map (see


A second-generation combined linkage physical map of the human genome. Matise TC, Chen F, Chen W, De La Vega FM, Hansen M, He C, Hyland FC, Kennedy GC, Kong X, Murray SS, Ziegle JS, Stewart WC, Buyske S. Genome Res. 2007 Dec;17(12):1783-6. Epub 2007 Nov 7.



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