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Generated example data


A generated data set containing two multivariate data sets: X and Y, which represent the set of covariates and responses, respectively. The covariance matrix of Y has a compound symmetry structure with heterogeneous variances. Both variances and correlations are functions of the covariates. X variables are generated from the standard normal distribution. The correlations are generated with a logit model and the variances are functions of these generated correlations. The sample size is 200. There are 3 covariates and 3 response variables. x1 and x2 are the importantvariables for the varying covariance matrix of Y. x3 is the noise variable.




A list with two elements namely X and Y. Each element has 200 rows. X has 3 columns and Y has 3 columns.


## load generated example data
data(data, package = "CovRegRF")

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