multinom.gen {CorrBin}R Documentation

Functions for generating multinomial outcomes


These are built-in functions to be used by ran.CMData for generating random multinomial data.


mg.Resample(n, clustersizes, param)

mg.DirMult(n, clustersizes, param)

mg.LogitNorm(n, clustersizes, param)

mg.MixMult(n, clustersizes, param)



number of independent clusters to generate


an integer vector specifying the sizes of the clusters


a list of parameters for each specific generator


For mg.Resample: the param list should be list(param=...), in which the CMData object to be resampled is passed.

For mg.DirMult: the param list should be list(shape=...), in which the parameter vector of the Dirichlet distribution is passed (see rdirichlet).

For mg.LogitNorm: the param list should be list(mu=...,sigma=...), in which the mean vector and covariance matrix of the underlying Normal distribution are passed. If sigma is NULL (or missing), then an identity matrix is assumed. They should have K-1 dimensions for a K-variate multinomial.

For mg.MixMult: the param list should be list(q=...,m=...), in which the vector of mixture probabilities q and the matrix m of logit-transformed means of each component are passed. For a K-variate multinomial, the matrixm should have K-1 columns and length(q) rows.

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