fitted.CopulaCenR {CopulaCenR}R Documentation

Fitted values from CopulaCenR regression models


Fitted values based on models from ic_spTran_copula, rc_spCox_copula, ic_par_copula and rc_par_copula.


## S3 method for class 'CopulaCenR'
fitted(object, type = "lp", ...)



a CopulaCenR object from ic_spTran_copula, rc_spCox_copula, ic_par_copula and rc_par_copula


"lp" for linear predictors or "survival" for marginal and joint survival probabilities


further arguments


When the argument type = "lp", it gives a linear predictor for each margin (i.e., log hazards ratio in the proportional hazards model, log proportional odds in the proportional odds model).

When the argument type = "survival" and the fitted data is bivariate right-censored, the marginal and joint survival values will be evaluated at the observed times. For bivariate interval-censored, evaluation times are the interval middle points or left bound (if right bound is infinity).


If type = "lp", it returns a data frame with id, lp1 (linear predictor for margin 1), lp2. If type = "survival", it returns a data frame with id, t1 (evaluated times for the margin 1), t2, S1 (predicted marginal survival probabilities for margin 1), S2 and S12 (the predicted joint survival probabilities)


# fit a Copula2-Sieve model
copula2_sp <- ic_spTran_copula(data = AREDS, copula = "Copula2",
              l = 0, u = 15, m = 3, r = 3,
              var_list = c("ENROLLAGE","rs2284665","SevScaleBL"))
output <- fitted(object = copula2_sp)

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