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Calculate account statistics: total posts shared, average time delta, average edge symmetry score.


  weight_threshold = c("full", "fast", "none")



an igraph object generated by generate_coordinated_network


a table generated by detect_groups


The threshold to be used for filtering the graph (options: "full", "fast", or "none").


With this helper function, you can obtain summary statistics for the accounts in the network. When applied to a network for which a narrower time_window has been calculated using the flag_speed_share function, the summary statistics are computed separately for the full and faster networks depending on the 'weight_threshold' option. When this option is set to "full", metrics are computed on the set of nodes and edges surpassing the user-defined edge_weight threshold in the generate_coordinated_network function. Also, metrics for nodes and edges in the fastest network are returned, but they are calculated on the specified subgraph. The same applies when the 'weight_threshold' option is set to "fast". In this case, metrics are calculated on the fast subgraph. When the option is set to "null", the entire inputted graph without further subsetting is considered.

The node share count is performed thanks to the table resulting from the detect_groups function. If the user has used the optional flag_speed_share function and decides to calculate statistics on the fastest graph (by setting weight_threshold = "fast"), the share count is calculated considering only shares made in the fastest time window. Alternatively, shares in the largest time window are considered (option weight_threshold = "full" or weight_threshold = "none"). When calculating the share count, all shares made by accounts are considered, regardless of whether they are shares of posts shared in a coordinated fashion or not, according to the edge weight threshold. In other words, this is a measure of an account's activity in the time window under consideration.


a data.table with summary statistics for each account

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