ConjointChecs-package {ConjointChecks}R Documentation

ConjointChecks: A package to check the cancellation axioms of conjoint measurement.


Implementation of a procedure (Domingue, 2012; see also Karabatsos, 2001 and Kyngdon, 2011) to test the single and double cancellation axioms of conjoint measure in data that is dichotomously coded and measured with error.


Ben Domingue


Domingue, B. (2012). Evaluating the Equal-Interval Hypothesis with Test Score Scales. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Colorado Boulder, May 2012.

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Perline, R., Wright, B. D., & Wainer, H. (1979). The Rasch model as additive conjoint measurement. Applied Psychological Measurement, 3(2), 237-255.

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