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The Frechet mean for compositional data


Mean vector or matrix with mean vectors of compositional data using the α-transformation.


frechet(x, a)



A matrix with the compositional data.


The value of the power transformation, it has to be between -1 and 1. If zero values are present it has to be greater than 0. If α=0 the isometric log-ratio transformation is applied and the closed geometric mean is calculated. You can also provide a sequence of values of alpha and in this case a matrix of Frechet means will be returned.


The power transformation is applied to the compositional data and the mean vector is calculated. Then the inverse of it is calculated and the inverse of the power transformation applied to the last vector is the Frechet mean.


If α is a single value, the function will return a vector with the Frechet mean for the given value of α. Otherwise the function will return a matrix with the Frechet means for each value of α.


Michail Tsagris.

R implementation and documentation: Michail Tsagris and Giorgos Athineou <>.


Tsagris M.T., Preston S. and Wood A.T.A. (2011). A data-based power transformation for compositional data. In Proceedings of the 4th Compositional Data Analysis Workshop, Girona, Spain.

See Also

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x <- as.matrix(fgl[, 2:9])
x <- x / rowSums(x)
frechet(x, 0.2)
frechet(x, 1)

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