Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two mean vectors {Compositional}R Documentation

Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two mean vectors


Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two mean vectors.


eel.test2(y1, y2, tol = 1e-07, R = 0, graph = FALSE)



A matrix containing the Euclidean data of the first group.


A matrix containing the Euclidean data of the second group.


The tolerance level used to terminate the Newton-Raphson algorithm.


If R is 0, the classical chi-square distribution is used, if R = 1, the corrected chi-square distribution (James, 1954) is used and if R = 2, the modified F distribution (Krishnamoorthy and Yanping, 2006) is used. If R is greater than 3 bootstrap calibration is performed.


A boolean variable which is taken into consideration only when bootstrap calibration is performed. IF TRUE the histogram of the bootstrap test statistic values is plotted.


Exponential empirical likelihood is a non parametric hypothesis testing procedure for one sample. The generalization to two (or more samples) is via searching for the mean vector that minimises the sum of the two test statistics.


A list including:


The empirical likelihood test statistic value.


The modified test statistic, either via the chi-square or the F distribution.


The degrees of freedom of the chi-square or the F distribution.


The asymptotic or the bootstrap p-value.


The estimated common mean vector.


The runtime of the bootstrap calibration.


Michail Tsagris.

R implementation and documentation: Michail Tsagris mtsagris@uoc.gr.


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See Also

el.test2, maovjames, maov, hotel2T2, james, comp.test


y1 = as.matrix(iris[1:25, 1:4])
y2 = as.matrix(iris[26:50, 1:4])
eel.test2(y1, y2)
eel.test2(y1, y2 )
eel.test2( y1, y2 )

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