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test if the two or more invariant drift parameters in the CoTiMAFit object supplied are equal. The supplied CoTiMA fit-object (ctmaInvariantFit) has to be a model fitted with ctmaFit where at least two parameters were set invariant across primary studies (e.g., 2 cross effects). All parameters that are set invariant in the supplied model are then constrained to be equal by ctmaEqual (no user action required), the model is fitted, and a log-liklihood ratio test is performed informing about the probability that equality applies.


  ctmaInvariantFit = NULL,
  activeDirectory = NULL,
  activateRPB = FALSE,
  digits = 4,
  coresToUse = 1



object to which a CoTiMA fit has been assigned to (i.e., what has been returned by ctmaFit). In most cases probably a model in which (only) two effects were specified with invariantDrift.


defines another active directory than the one used in ctmaInvariantFit


set to TRUE to receive push messages with CoTiMA notifications on your phone


Number of digits used for rounding (in outputs)


If neg., the value is subtracted from available cores, else value = cores to use


returns a model where two or more parameteres were set equal across primary studies and a log-liklihood difference test informing about the probablity that the equality assumption is correct.


# Fit a CoTiMA with a set of parameters set equal that were set
# invariant in a previous model (of which the fit object is
# supplied in argument ctmaInvariantFit)
## Not run: 
CoTiMAFullInv23Fit_6$activeDirectory <- "/Users/tmp/" # adapt!
CoTiMAFullInvEq23Fit_6 <- ctmaEqual(ctmaInvariantFit=CoTiMAFullInv23Fit_6)

## End(Not run)

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