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Class "CoClust"


A class for CoClust and its extensions

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("CoClust", ...).



Object of class "integer". The number K of identified clusters.


Object of class "matrix". A n.obs by (K+1) matrix where n.obs is the number of observations put in each cluster. The matrix contains the row indexes of the observations of the data matrix m. The last column contains the log-likelihood of the copula fit.


Object of class "matrix". The matrix of the final clustering.


Object of class "list". The list contains:

Model the copula model used for the clustering.
Param the estimated dependence parameter between clusters.
Std.Err the standard error of Param.
P.val the p-value associated to the null hypothesis H_0: theta=0.

Object of class "numeric". The maximized log-likelihood copula fit.


Object of class "character". The estimation method used for the copula fit.


Object of class "character". The optimization method used for the copula fit.


Object of class "numeric". The value of the LogLikelihood Criterion for each k in dimset.


Object of class "list". A list that, for each k in dimset, contains the index matrix of the initial set of nk observations used for selecting the number of clusters, together with the associated loglikelihood.


No methods defined with class "CoClust" in the signature.


Francesca Marta Lilja Di Lascio <>,

Simone Giannerini <>


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See Also CoClust and copula.



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