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Synthetic data using a dietary survey of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


The data are based on the article "A dietary survey of patients with irritable bowel syndrome". The mean and standard deviation of the table 1 (Foods perceived as causing or worsening irritable bowel syndrome symptoms in the IBS group and digestive symptoms in the healthy comparative group) were used to generate the synthetic data.




A data frame with 400 Instances and 43 attributes (including the class attribute, "class")


The predictors are: bread, wheat, pasta, breakfast_cereal, yeast, spicy_food, curry, chinese_takeaway, chilli, cabbage, onion, garlic, potatoes, pepper, vegetables_unspecified, tomato, beans_and_pulses, mushroom, fatty_foods_unspecified, sauces, chocolate, fries, crisps, desserts, eggs, red_meat, processed_meat, pork, chicken, fish_shellfish, dairy_products_unspecified, cheese, cream, milk, fruit_unspecified, nuts_and_seeds, orange, apple, banana, grapes, alcohol, caffeine

The response variable ("class") consists of two groups: healthy-group (class == 0) vs. the IBS-patients (class == 1)


P. Hayes, C. Corish, E. O'Mahony, E. M. M. Quigley (May 2013). A dietary survey of patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.



X = dietary_survey_IBS[, -ncol(dietary_survey_IBS)]

y = dietary_survey_IBS[, ncol(dietary_survey_IBS)]

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