ci.netcdf.wrapper {ClimDown}R Documentation

High-level NetCDF wrapper for Climate Imprint (CI)


CI performs several steps. For the GCM input it calculates daily climate anomalies from a given calibration period (default 1951-2005). These daily GCM anomalies are interpolated to the high-resolution observational grid. These interpolated daily anomalies constitute the "Climate Imprint". The high resolution gridded observations are then grouped into months and a climatology is calculated for each month. Finally the observed climatology is added to the GCM-based climate imprint and the final result is saved to output.file.


ci.netcdf.wrapper(gcm.file, obs.file, output.file, varname = "tasmax")



Filename of GCM simulations


Filename of high-res gridded historical observations


Filename to create (or overwrite) with the climate imprint outputs


Name of the NetCDF variable to downscale (e.g. 'tasmax')


Hunter, R. D., & Meentemeyer, R. K. (2005). Climatologically aided mapping of daily precipitation and temperature. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 44(10), 1501-1510.

Ahmed, K. F., Wang, G., Silander, J., Wilson, A. M., Allen, J. M., Horton, R., & Anyah, R. (2013). Statistical downscaling and bias correction of climate model outputs for climate change impact assessment in the US northeast. Global and Planetary Change, 100, 320-332.

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