CityWaterBalance {CityWaterBalance}R Documentation

Tracks flows of water through the urban system


This function tracks flows of water as they move through pathways and storages within the urban system. Data can be in any self-consistent units.


CityWaterBalance(data, p, print = TRUE)



xts or zoo object with date index and columns of data for:
precipitation (prcp)
evapotranspiration (et)
streamflow in (inflow)
streamflow out (outflow)
water supply imports (ws_imports)
other imports (etc_imports)
surface water for industrial uses (sw_ind)
surface water withdrawals for potable use (sw_pot)
surface water withdrawals for nonpotable use (sw_npot)
groundwater withdrawals for industrial uses (gw_ind)
groundwater withdrawals for potable use (gw_pot)
groundwater withdrawals for nonpotable use (gw_npot)
deep groundwater recharge (dgr)
combined sewer overflow events (cso)
wastewater treatment plant effluent (wtpe)
runoff estimate (runoff)
baseflow estimate (baseflow)


list of fixed parameter values for:
fraction of pet lost to interception (interc)
multiplier for et (et_mult)
multiplier for outflow (flow_mult)
fraction of area that is open water (open_wat)
multiplier for runoff (run_mult)
fraction of runoff diverted to sewers (run_css)
multiplier for baseflow (bf_mult)
fraction of potable water supply lost to leaks (nonrev)
fraction of industrial water that evaporates (ind_evap)
fraction of potable use that returns to sewers (wast_gen)
fraction of potable use that evaporates (pot_atm)
fraction of nonpotable use that infiltrates (npot_infilt)
fraction of wastewater that evaporates from sludge (slud_evap)
fraction of wastewater effluent from gw infiltration (leak_css)
fraction of groundwater from deep, confined aquifers (dgw)
multiplier for deep pumping replaced by lateral flow (dgw_rep)


option to print messages


list of dataframes:


all flows


state variables


global water balance


internal water balance


p <- list("interc" = 0, "et_mult" = 1, "flow_mult" = 1, 
         "open_wat" = 0.02, "run_mult" = 3.378, "run_css" = 0.35, 
         "bf_mult" = 1, "nonrev" = 0.08, "ind_evap" = 0.012,
         "wast_gen" = 0.85, "pot_atm" = 0.13, "npot_infilt" = 0.5,
         "slud_evap" = 0, "leak_css" = 0.05,"dgw" = 0.5, "dgw_rep" = 0.5)
m <- CityWaterBalance(cwb_data, p) 

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