Track Flows of Water Through an Urban System

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Documentation for package ‘CityWaterBalance’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

CityWaterBalance Tracks flows of water through the urban system
combineStreamflow Combines streamflow records to estimate total flows
combineWaterUse Combine water use data for urban system into functional flows
cwb_data Example dataset for CityWaterBalance
gapfillStreamflow Fill gaps in streamflow records
getAtmoFlows Gather all atmospheric data time series
getEvapotranspiration Assemble an evapotranspiration times series
getPrecipitation Assemble a precipitation times series
getSolutions Evaluate parameter uncertainty
getStreamflow Gather time series of streamflow data
getWaterUse Gather time series of water use data
mergeData Merge data sources into input for CityWaterBalance
plotStreamflow Plot discharge at a set of gages
plotWaterBalance Plot components of the urban water balance