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Random Pseudo Wishart Distributed Matrices


Generate n random matrices, distributed according to the pseudo Wishart distribution with parameters Sigma and df, W_p(Sigma, df), with sample size df less than the dimension p.

Let X_i, i = 1, 2, ..., df be df observations of a multivariate normal distribution with mean 0 and covariance Sigma. Then ∑ X_i X_i' is distributed as a pseudo Wishart W_p(Sigma, df). Sometimes this is called a singular Wishart distribution, however, that can be confused with the case where Sigma itself is singular. If cases with a singular Sigma are desired, this function cannot provide them.


rPseudoWishart(n, df, Sigma)



integer sample size.


integer parameter, "degrees of freedom", should be less than the dimension of p


positive definite (p * p) "scale" matrix, the matrix parameter of the distribution.


a numeric array, say R, of dimension p * p * n, where each R[,,i] is a realization of the pseudo Wishart distribution W_p(Sigma, df).


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See Also

rWishart, rInvWishart, and rGenInvWishart


A<-rPseudoWishart(1L, 4L, 5.0*diag(5L))[,,1]
# A should be singular

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