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Random Generalized Inverse Wishart Distributed Matrices


Generate n random matrices, distributed according to the generalized inverse Wishart distribution with parameters Sigma and df, W_p(Sigma, df), with sample size df less than the dimension p.

Let X_i, i = 1, 2, ..., df be df observations of a multivariate normal distribution with mean 0 and covariance Sigma. Then ∑ X_i X_i' is distributed as a pseudo Wishart W_p(Sigma, df). Sometimes this is called a singular Wishart distribution, however, that can be confused with the case where Sigma itself is singular. Then the generalized inverse Wishart distribution is the natural extension of the inverse Wishart using the Moore-Penrose pseudo-inverse. This can generate samples for positive semi-definite Sigma however, a function dedicated to generating singular normal random distributions or singular pseudo Wishart distributions should be used if that is desired.

Note there are different ways of parameterizing the Inverse Wishart distribution, so check which one you need. Here, if X ~ IW_p(Sigma, df) then X^{-1} ~ W_p(Sigma^{-1}, df). Dawid (1981) has a different definition: if X ~ W_p(Sigma^{-1}, df) and df > p - 1, then X^{-1} = Y ~ IW(Sigma, delta), where delta = df - p + 1.


rGenInvWishart(n, df, Sigma)



integer sample size.


integer parameter, "degrees of freedom", should be less than the dimension of p


positive semi-definite (p * p) "scale" matrix, the matrix parameter of the distribution.


a numeric array, say R, of dimension p * p * n, where each R[,,i] is a realization of the pseudo Wishart distribution W_p(Sigma, df).


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See Also

rWishart, rInvWishart, and rPseudoWishart


A<-rGenInvWishart(1L, 4L, 5.0*diag(5L))[,,1]
# A should be singular
B <- rPseudoWishart(1L, 4L, 5.0*diag(5L))[,,1]

# A should be a Moore-Penrose pseudo-inverse of B
# this should be equal to B
B %*% A %*% B
# this should be equal to A
A %*% B %*% A

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