ChemoSpec2D-package {ChemoSpec2D}R Documentation

Exploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy


Description: A collection of functions for exploratory chemometrics of 2D spectroscopic data sets such as COSY and HSQC NMR spectra. ChemoSpec2D deploys methods aimed primarily at classification of samples and the identification of spectral features which are important in distinguishing samples from each other. Each 2D spectrum (a matrix) is treated as the unit of observation, and thus the physical sample in the spectrometer corresponds to the sample from a statistical perspective. In addition to chemometric tools, a few tools are provided for plotting 2D spectra, but these are not intended to replace the functionality typically available on the spectrometer. ChemoSpec2D takes many of its cues from ChemoSpec and tries to create consistent graphical output and to be very user friendly. A vignette is available.


Bryan A. Hanson.

Maintainer: Bryan A. Hanson

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