rMSN {CensMFM}R Documentation

Generating from Multivariate Skew-normal and Normal Random Distributions.


It generates random realizations from a multivariate Skew-normal and Normal distribution.


rMSN(n, mu, Sigma, shape)



number of observations.


a numeric vector of length p representing the location parameter.


a numeric positive definite matrix with dimension pxp representing the scale parameter.


a numeric vector of length p representing the skewness parameter for Skew-normal(SN) case. If shape == 0, the SN case reduces to a normal (symmetric) distribution.


It returns a n x p matrix containing the generated random realizations.


Francisco H. C. de Alencar hildemardealencar@gmail.com, Christian E. Galarza cgalarza88@gmail.com, Victor Hugo Lachos hlachos@uconn.edu and Larissa A. Matos larissam@ime.unicamp.br

Maintainer: Francisco H. C. de Alencar hildemardealencar@gmail.com


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F.H.C. de Alencar, C.E. Galarza, L.A. Matos & V.H. Lachos. (2019) Finite Mixture Modeling of Censored and Missing Data Using the Multivariate Skew-Normal Distribution. echnical report. ID 19-31. University of Connecticut.

See Also

fit.FMMSNC, rMMSN and rMMSN.contour


mu     <- c(-3,-4)
Sigma  <- matrix(c(3,1,1,4.5), 2,2)
shape <- c(-3,2)
rMSN(10,mu = mu,Sigma = Sigma,shape = shape)

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