catr_srs_values {CatastRo}R Documentation

Reference SRS codes for CatastRo APIs


A tibble including the valid SRS (also known as CRS) values that may be used on each API service.


A tibble with 16 rows and columns:


SRS Description ovc_service wfs_service
3785 Web Mercator FALSE TRUE
3857 Web Mercator FALSE TRUE
4230 Geográficas en ED 50 TRUE FALSE
4258 Geográficas en ETRS89 TRUE TRUE
4326 Geográficas en WGS 80 TRUE TRUE
23029 UTM huso 29N en ED50 TRUE FALSE
23030 UTM huso 30N en ED50 TRUE FALSE
23031 UTM huso 31N en ED50 TRUE FALSE
25829 UTM huso 29N en ETRS89 TRUE TRUE
25830 UTM huso 30N en ETRS89 TRUE TRUE
25831 UTM huso 31N en ETRS89 TRUE TRUE
32627 UTM huso 27N en WGS 84 TRUE FALSE
32628 UTM huso 28N en WGS 84 TRUE FALSE
32629 UTM huso 29N en WGS 84 TRUE FALSE
32630 UTM huso 30N en WGS 84 TRUE FALSE
32631 UTM huso 31N en WGS 84 TRUE FALSE


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# OVC valid codes

catr_srs_values %>% filter(ovc_service == TRUE)

# WFS valid codes

catr_srs_values %>% filter(ovc_service == TRUE)

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