CatDynPred {CatDyn}R Documentation

Predictions from a Generalized Depletion (Catch Dynamics) Model


Calculates the predicted catch, residuals, by fleet, population biomass, exploitation rate, fishing mortality, of a fish stock using parameters estimated for a Catch Dynamic Model.


CatDynPred(x, method, partial = TRUE)



An object of class catdyn from function CatDynFit().


Character. The particular numerical method from which estimates have to be drawn.


Logical, FALSE for transit models, TRUE (the default) for all other model versions.


This function is very similar to catdynexp() but instead of using arbitrary parameter values given by the user, it takes the maximum likelihood estimates produced by the call to the optimizer by function CatDynFit().


A list of length 2.


A list of length 3. Units is a dataframe with the units of time step, catch, body weight, and the numbers multiplier. Fleets is a dataframe with the fleets names and the units of nominal effort for each fleet. Dates is a dataframe with start and end dates of the fishing season in the ISO 8601 format.


A list of length 5. Type is the perturbation type of model. Dates is the timing of perturbations, Distr is the chosen likelihood model, Parameters is the parameter values being explored, and Results, is a dataframe with the time step, and for each fleet, observed effort, observed catch in numbers, predicted catch in numbers, observed catch in weight, predicted catch in weight, deviance, likelihood, deviance residuals, predicted population abundance, predicted population biomass, observed exploitation rate, predicted exploitation rate, observed fishing mortality, and predicted fishing mortality.


In resident stock models without emigration partial must be left at its default value in order not to have any effect.


Ruben H. Roa-Ureta (ORCID ID 0000-0002-9620-5224)


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#See examples for CatDynFit().

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