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Case-Cohort Cox Survival Inference


This package uses case-cohort data to estimate log-relative hazard, baseline hazards at each unique event time, cumulative baseline hazard in a given time interval and pure risk on the time interval and for a given covariate profile, under the Cox model. For the corresponding variance estimation, it relies on influence functions and follows the complete variance decomposition, to enable correct analysis of case-cohort data with and without stratification, weight calibration or missing phase-two covariate data.


The package provides functions implementing the methods described in Etievant and Gail (2023). More precisely, it includes


Lola Etievant, Mitchell H. Gail


Etievant, L., Gail, M.H. (2023). Cox model inference for relative hazard and pure risk from stratified weight-calibrated case-cohort data. Submitted.

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