CancerGram_predictions {CancerGram}R Documentation

Prediction of anticancer peptides


Predictions made with the CancerGram methods.


A list of predictions for exemplary sequences. #' Predictions for each protein are stored in objects of class single_cancergram_pred. It consists of three elements:


Character vector of amino acid sequence of an analyzed peptide/protein


Matrix of predictions for each 5-mer (subsequence of 5 amino acids) of a sequence. Each row corresponds to one mer and columns to predicted classes (ACP, AMP or negative). Prediction value indicates probability that a 5-mer possesses anticancer activity (acp), antimicrobial activity (amp) or none of them (neg).


One row matrix of a single prediction value for a whole peptide/protein. Its value corresponds to the probability that a peptide/protein exhibits anticancer activity, antimicrobial activity or none of them.

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