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Pareto 2 (Lomax) and Bernoulli-Pareto 2 distributions


Functions implementing the Pareto 2 (Lomax) and Bernoulli-Pareto 2 distributions. In the latter case, zero values occur with probability 1-prob and non-zero values follow the Pareto 2 distribution with scale and shape parameters. dpareto2 and dbpareto2 give the probability density functions (pdf); ppareto2 and pbpareto2 give the cumulative distribution functions (cdf); qpareto2 and qbpareto2 give the quantile functions (inverse cdfs), and rpareto2 and rbpareto2 are used for generating random variates.


dpareto2(x, scale, shape)
ppareto2(q, scale, shape)
qpareto2(p, scale, shape)
rpareto2(n, scale, shape)
dbpareto2(x, prob, scale, shape)
pbpareto2(q, prob, scale, shape)
qbpareto2(p, prob, scale, shape)
rbpareto2(n, prob, scale, shape)


x, q

vector of quantiles.


vector of cumulative probabilities.


number of random samples.


probability of a non-zero value.


scale parameter of the pareto2 distribution.


shape parameter of the pareto2 distribution.


dpareto2 and dbpareto2 gives the pdfs; ppareto2 and pbpareto2 gives the cdfs; qpareto2 and qbpareto2 gives the inverse cdfs (or quantile functions); and rpareto2 and rbpareto2 generate random variates.


Arnold, B.C., 1983. The Pareto Distributions, International Co-operative Publishing House, Fairland, MD.

Lomax, K.S., 1954. Business failures: another example of the analysis of failure data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 49(268): 847-852.

See Also

bgamma, bweibull, blnorm


  plot(rbpareto2(365, prob = 0.2, scale = 1, shape = 1), type = "h")

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