FraserSediment {CaDENCE}R Documentation

Sediment and stream discharge data for Fraser River at Hope


A dataset consisting of daily observations of suspended sediment concentration (SSC) (mg/L) and stream discharge (Q) (cu. m/s) for the years 1970-1979 at the Fraser River at Hope station in British Columbia, Canada (Water Survey of Canada station 08MF005). Samples are split into a seven year training period (1970-1976) and a three year testing period (1977-1979).

In terms of structure, FraserSediment is a list with four elements: x.1970.1976, y.1970.1976, x.1977.1979, and y.1977.1979. x.1970.1976 and x.1977.1979 are matrices with predictor variables: logQ, log-transformed Q; and dQ5, dQ30, and dQ90, 5-, 30-, and 90-day moving averages of daily changes in Q. y.1970.1976 and y.1977.1979 are matrices with the predictand variable SSC.


pairs(cbind(FraserSediment$x.1970.1976, FraserSediment$y.1970.1976))

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