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Select Tuning Parameters based on CV in Regularized Estimators of Covariance Matrices


This is a package for selecting tuning parameters based on cross-validation (CV) in regularized estimators of large covariance matrices. Four regularized methods are implemented: banding, tapering, hard-thresholding and soft-thresholding. Two types of matrix norms are applied: Frobenius norm and operator norm. Two types of CV are considered: K-fold CV and random CV. Usually K-fold CV use K-1 folds to train a model and the rest one fold to validate the model. The reverse version trains a model with 1 fold and validates with the rest with K-1 folds. Random CV randomly splits the data set to two parts, a training set and a validation set with user-specified sizes.


Package: CVTuningCov
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-07-31
License: GPL-2


Binhuan Wang

Maintainer: Binhuan Wang <>


Fang, Y., Wang, B. and Feng, Y. (2013). Tuning parameter selection in regularized estimations of large covariance matrices. Available at:


n <- 50;
p <- 50;
fold <- 3;
k.grid <- seq(0,2*(p-1),by=1);
Sigma <- AR1(p, rho=0.6);
X <- mvrnorm(n,rep(0,p),Sigma); <- regular.CV(X,k.grid, method='Tapering',fold=fold,norm='F');$CV.k;

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