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Canonical Variate Regression


Perform canonical variate regression (CVR) for two sets of covariates and a univariate response, with regularization and weight parameters tuned by cross validation.


Index of help topics:

CVR                     Fit canonical variate regression with tuning
                        parameters selected by cross validation.
CVR-package             Canonical Variate Regression
SimulateCVR             Generate simulation data.
SparseCCA               Sparse canonical correlation analysis.
alcohol                 Data sets for the alcohol dependence example
cvrsolver               Canonical Variate Regression.
mouse                   Data sets for the mouse body weight example
plot.CVR                Plot a CVR object.

functions: cvrsolver, SparseCCA, SimulateCVR, CVR, plot.CVR.


Chongliang Luo, Kun Chen.

Maintainer: Chongliang Luo <>


Chongliang Luo, Jin Liu, Dipak D. Dey and Kun Chen (2016) Canonical variate regression. Accepted by Biostatistics, doi: 10.1093/biostatistics/kxw001.

Daniela M. Witten, Robert Tibshirani and Trevor Hastie (2009) A penalized matrix decomposition, with applications to sparse principal components and canonical correlation analysis. Biostatistics 10(3), 515-534.

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