Cosmology R Analysis Code

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Documentation for package ‘CRAC’ version 1.0

Help Pages

distance.angular compute the angular diameter distance [Mpc/h]
distance.comoving compute the comoving distance (line-of-sight) [Mpc/h]
distance.luminosity Compute the luminosity distance [Mpc/h]
distance.transverse compute the comoving distance (transverse) [Mpc/h]
eZ compute E(z) of given cosmology
eZ2 compute E^2(z) of given cosmology
parameter.constant Physical constants in SI units, source: [PDG]
parameter.DH Hubble Distance D_H = c/H_0 [Mpc/h]
parameter.fidcosmo Fiducial cosmology parameter list
parameter.unit useful conversion of astrophysical units
rhoc calculate the critical density at redshift z
valid.cosmo validate the cosmologial parameters are enough