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miR-let-7f Targets Data Set


Lu et al. (2005) profiled both miRNA expression and mRNA expression in multiple human cancer types. The miRNA profiles reflected the developmental lineage and differentiation state of the tumours. One of the profiled miRNA is let-7f. Its expression is highly correlated (Pearson correlation < -0.458) with the expression of 178 genes in tumors from 5 cancer types.




A list comprised of two components: normalizedData and designMatrix.

  1. normalizedData is a matrix containing the normalized data of the miR-let-7f targets, whose row names are gene IDs and column names indicate normal and tumor samples of 5 types of cancer.

  2. designMatrix is the covariates matrix used to fit the clustering of linear models (CLM), whose row names are samples and column names are covariates.


Lu et al. (2005). MicroRNA expression profiles classify human cancers. Nature, 435, 834-838

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