pof_cables_20_10_04kv {CNAIM}R Documentation

Current Probability of Failure for 20/10/0.4kV cables


This function calculates the current annual probability of failure per kilometer for a 20/10/0.4kV cable. The function is a cubic curve that is based on the first three terms of the Taylor series for an exponential function. For more information about the probability of failure function see section 6 on page 30 in CNAIM (2017).


  hv_lv_cable_type = "10-20kV cable, PEX",
  sub_division = "Aluminium sheath - Aluminium conductor",
  utilisation_pct = "Default",
  operating_voltage_pct = "Default",
  sheath_test = "Default",
  partial_discharge = "Default",
  fault_hist = "Default",
  reliability_factor = "Default",



String. A sting that refers to the specific asset category. Options: hv_lv_cable_type = c("10-20kV cable, PEX","10-20kV cable, APB", "0.4kV cable"). The default setting is hv_lv_cable_type = "10-20kV cable, PEX".


String. Refers to material the sheath and conductor is made of. Options: sub_division = c("Aluminium sheath - Aluminium conductor", "Aluminium sheath - Copper conductor", "Lead sheath - Aluminium conductor", "Lead sheath - Copper conductor")


Numeric. The max percentage of utilisation under normal operating conditions.


Numeric. The ratio in percent of operating/design voltage.


String. Only applied for non pressurised cables. Indicating the state of the sheath. Options: sheath_test = c("Pass", "Failed Minor", "Failed Major", "Default"). See page 141, table 168 in CNAIM (2017).


String. Only applied for non pressurised cables. Indicating the level of partial discharge. Options: partial_discharge = c("Low", "Medium", "High", "Default"). See page 141, table 169 in CNAIM (2017).


Numeric. Only applied for non pressurised cables. The calculated fault rate for the cable in the period per kilometer. A setting of "No historic faults recorded" indicates no fault. See page 141, table 170 in CNAIM (2017).


Numeric. reliability_factor shall have a value between 0.6 and 1.5. A setting of "Default" sets the reliability_factor to 1. See section 6.14 on page 69 in CNAIM (2017).


Numeric. The current age in years of the cable.


Numeric. Current probability of failure per annum for 20/10/0.4kV cables.


DNO Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM), Health & Criticality - Version 1.1, 2017: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2017/05/dno_common_network_asset_indices_methodology_v1.1.pdf


# Current annual probability of failure for 10-20kV cable, APB, 50 years old
pof_cables_10kV_APB <-
pof_cables_20_10_04kv(hv_lv_cable_type = "10-20kV cable, APB",
sub_division = "Lead sheath - Copper conductor",
utilisation_pct = 80,
operating_voltage_pct = 60,
sheath_test = "Default",
partial_discharge = "Default",
fault_hist = "Default",
reliability_factor = "Default",
age = 50) * 100

paste0(sprintf("Probability of failure %.4f", pof_cables_10kV_APB),
" percent per annum")

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