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Financial Consequences of Failure for a 6.6/11 kV Transformer


This function calculates financial consequences of failure (cf. section 7.3, page 75, CNAIM, 2017). Financial consequences of failure is used in the derivation of consequences of failure see cof().


f_cof_transformer_11kv(kva = "Default", type = "Default")



Numeric. The rated transformer capacity measured in kVA for a 6.6/11 kV transformer. Rated capacity is used to derive the type financial factor. For a general description of type financial factor see section on page 76 in CNAIM (2017). A setting of "Default" will result in a type financial factor equal to 1 (cf. section D1.2.1, page 162, CNAIM, 2017).


String. Relates to the accessibility of the transformer Options: type = c("Type A", "Type B", "Type C", "Default"). A setting of "Type A" - Normal access. A setting of "Type B" - Constrained access or confined working space. A setting of "Type C" - Underground substation. A setting of "Default" - Normal access thus same as "Type A" setting (cf. table 214, page 164, CNAIM, 2017).


Numeric. Financial consequences of failure for a 6.6/11 kV transformer.


DNO Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM), Health & Criticality - Version 1.1, 2017: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2017/05/dno_common_network_asset_indices_methodology_v1.1.pdf


# Financial consequences of failure for a 6.6/11 kV transformer
f_cof_transformer_11kv(kva = 700, type = "Default")

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