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Summarizing output from MatchW and MatchPW


summary method for MatchW and MatchPW


## S3 method for class 'CMatch'
summary(object, ..., full = FALSE, digits = 5)



An object of class "CMatch".


Other options for the generic summary function.


A flag for whether the unadjusted estimates and naive standard errors should also be summarized.


The number of significant digits that should be displayed.


A summary of most important output from a "CMatch" object, including size of matched dataset and estimates (if Y is not NULL). If Group contains only one value the output is the same of the summary method of package Matching. Otherwise the output shows also the distribution of treated (control) observations by group and the distribution of dropped (because of 'caliper' or 'exact' option), also by group.


Naive standard errors are not available when there is more than one group so the full parameter is ineffective in that case.


Massimo Cannas <>


Sekhon, Jasjeet S. 2011. Multivariate and Propensity Score Matching Software with Automated Balance Optimization. Journal of Statistical Software 42(7): 1-52.

Arpino, B., and Cannas, M. (2016) Propensity score matching with clustered data. An application to the estimation of the impact of caesarean section on the Apgar score. Statistics in Medicine, 35: 2074–2091. doi: 10.1002/sim.6880.

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See also Match, MatchW, MatchPW, MatchBalance

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