plot.clme {CLME}R Documentation

S3 method to plot objects of class clme


Generates a basic plot of estimated coefficients which are subject to constraints (theta_1 ). Lines indicate individual constraints (not global tests) and significance.


## S3 method for class 'clme'
plot(x, ...)



object of class 'clme' to be plotted.


additional plotting arguments.


While it is possible to plot the output of a clme fit, this will only plot the fitted means. To indicate significance, plotting must be performed on the summary of a clme fit. This method will change the class so that plot.summary.clme will be called properly.

See Also

CLME-package clme plot.summary.clme


## Not run: 
  set.seed( 42 )
  data( rat.blood )
  cons <- list(order = "simple", decreasing = FALSE, node = 1 )
  clme.out <- clme(mcv ~ time + temp + sex + (1|id), data = rat.blood , 
                   constraints = cons, seed = 42, nsim = 10)
  plot( clme.out )

## End(Not run)

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