install_spip {CKMRpop}R Documentation

Download the spip binary and install it where CKMRpop expects it


This checks the operating system and installs the correct version (either Darwin or Linux for Mac or Linux, respectively.) To install the spip binary this function downloads it from its GitHub site. It also installs a windows implementation of awk.


install_spip(Dir = tempfile())



the directory to install spip into. Because of restrictions on functions writing to the user's home filespace, this is set, by default, to a temporary directory. But to really use this function to install spip, this parameter must be set to system.file(package = "CKMRpop").


No return value. Called for side effect of installing the 'spip' binary.


## Not run: 
install_spip(Dir = system.file(package = "CKMRpop"))

## End(Not run)

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