util.seq {CHNOSZ}R Documentation

Functions to Work with Sequence Data


Return names or one- or three-letter abbreviations of amino acids.


  aminoacids(nchar = 1, which = NULL)



numeric, 1 to return one-letter, 3 to return three-letter abbreviations for amino acids


character, which amino acids to name


aminoacids returns the one-letter abbreviations (nchar=‘⁠1⁠’) or the three-letter abbreviations (nchar=‘⁠3⁠’) or the names of the neutral amino acids (nchar=‘⁠""⁠’) or the names of the amino acids with ionized side chains (nchar=‘⁠"Z"⁠’). The output includes 20 amino acids in alphabetic order by 1-letter abbreviation (the order used in thermo()$protein), unless which is provided, indicating the desired amino acids (either as 1- or 3-letter abbreviations or names of the neutral amino acids).

See Also

count.aa for counting amino acids or nucleic-acid bases in a sequence; protein.formula for calculating the chemical formulas of proteins.


## Count nucleobases in a sequence
bases <- count.aa("ACCGGGTTT", type = "DNA")

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