readLocalMaster {CHCN}R Documentation

A function to read a local copy of the master csv file


The Process of building the dataset depends upon downloading a csv file that lists all the data on environment canada. If for some reason the function downloadMaster does not function, the file can be read from a local copy shipped with the package. This version should be current to the last release date of the package.




The function reads a stored copy of EnvCanadaMaster.csv that ships with the package. After reading the file you should write it out to your working directory. The following call will read the local copy and write it out to your working directory. write.csv(readLocalMaster(),MASTER.STATION.LIST)


the function returns a data.frame that contains the information neeed to create a master list of monthly stations ( as opposed to daily stations and hourly stations which are also in the master list) That data.frame should be written as a csv file to the working directory It must be given the name EnvCanadaMaster.csv . The constant MASTER.STATION.LIST is predefined to this strings value


Steven Mosher

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