simple_predict {CFF}R Documentation

Prediction Unseen Items For The Active User


In the predicted items list, items with more scores replace in top of the list.


simple_predict(ratings, ratings2, ac)



A rating matrix whose rows are items and columns are users.


A matrix the size of the original user-item matrix in which the active user's empty elements are filled.


The id of an active user as an integer (1\le ac \le length of users).


Collaborative filtering is a recommender system for predicting the missing ratings that an active user might have given to an item. These ratings have been calculated and accumulate in a vector by this function.



A sorted vector of predicted items based on the scores.


Farimah Houshmand Nanehkaran

Maintainer: Farimah Houshmand Nanehkaran <>


Song, B., Gao, Y., & Li, X. M. (2020, January). Research on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Mahout and User Model. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1437, no. 1, p. 012095, IOP Publishing.

Ramakrishnan, G., Saicharan, V., Chandrasekaran, K., Rathnamma, M. V., & Ramana, V. V. (2020). Collaborative Filtering for Book Recommendation System. In Soft Computing for Problem Solving, pp. 325-338, Springer, Singapore.


ratings <- matrix(c(  2,    5,  NaN,  NaN,  NaN,    4,
                    NaN,  NaN,  NaN,    1,  NaN,    5,
                    NaN,    4,    5,  NaN,    4,  NaN,
                      4,  NaN,  NaN,    5,  NaN,  NaN,
                      5,  NaN,    2,  NaN,  NaN,  NaN,
                    NaN,    1,  NaN,    4,    2,  NaN),nrow=6,byrow=TRUE)

sim <- simple_similarity(ratings, max_score=5, min_score=1, ac=1)

ratings2 <- Score_replace(ratings, sim_index= sim$sim_index, ac=1)

predictedItems <- simple_predict(ratings, ratings2, ac=1)

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