CDSeq-R-package {CDSeq}R Documentation

CDSeq: A package for complete deconvolution using sequencing data


CDSeq-R-package takes bulk RNA-seq data as input and simultaneously returns estimates of both cell-type-specific gene expression profiles and sample-specific cell-type proportions.


CDSeq uses reduce-recovery strategy and CPU parallel computing to speed up the deconvolution.

Hyperparameter estimation

Estimate hyperparameter for cell-type-specific GEPs (i.e. beta) using reference profile when cell_type_number is scalar.

Estimating number of cell type

Estimate number of cell types when cell_type_number is a vector of integers.

Partition on input bulk RNA-seq data

When block_number (number of partition on the bulk RNASeq data) is 1, whole bulk_data will be used. GEP is not from reduce-recovery.


Kai Kang, David Huang,


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