print.summary.din {CDM}R Documentation

Print Method for Objects of Class summary.din


S3 method to print objects of the class summary.din.


  ## S3 method for class 'summary.din'
print(x, ...)



A required object of class summary.din, obtained from a call to the function summary.din (through generic function summary).


Optional parameters to be passed to or from other methods will be ignored.


The print method prints the summary information about objects of the class din computed by summary.din, which are the item discriminations indices, the most frequent skill classes and the model information criteria AIC and BIC. Specific summary information details such as individual items with their discrimination index can be accessed through assignment (see ‘Examples’).


If the argument x is of required type, print.summary.din prints the summary information in ‘Details’, and invisibly returns x.

See Also

plot.din, the S3 method for plotting objects of the class din; print.din, the S3 method for printing objects of the class din; summary.din, the S3 method for summarizing objects of the class din, which creates objects of the class summary.din; din, the main function for DINA and DINO parameter estimation, which creates objects of the class din. See also CDM-package for general information about this package.


## (1) examples based on dataset

## In particular, accessing detailed summary through assignment
mod <- CDM::din(,
          q.matrix=CDM::fraction.subtraction.qmatrix, rule="DINA")
smod <- summary(mod)

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