Blackwell {CBPS}R Documentation

Blackwell Data for Covariate Balancing Propensity Score


This data set gives the outcomes a well as treatment assignments and covariates for the example from Blackwell (2013).


A data frame consisting of 13 columns (including treatment assignment, time, and identifier vectors) and 570 observations.


d.gone.neg is the treatment. d.gone.neg.l1, d.gone.neg.l2, and d.gone.neg.l3 are lagged treatment variables. camp.length, deminc, base.poll, base.und, and office covariates. year is the year of the particular race, and time goes from the first measurement (time = 1) to the election (time = 5). demName is the identifier, and demprcnt is the outcome.


Blackwell, Matthew. (2013). A framework for dynamic causal inference in political science. American Journal of Political Science 57, 2, 504-619.

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