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'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models


Supporting functionality to run 'caret' with spatial or spatial-temporal data. 'caret' is a frequently used package for model training and prediction using machine learning. CAST includes functions to improve spatial-temporal modelling tasks using 'caret'. It includes the newly suggested 'Nearest neighbor distance matching' cross-validation to estimate the performance of spatial prediction models and allows for spatial variable selection to selects suitable predictor variables in view to their contribution to the spatial model performance. CAST further includes functionality to estimate the (spatial) area of applicability of prediction models by analysing the similarity between new data and training data. Methods are described in Meyer et al. (2018); Meyer et al. (2019); Meyer and Pebesma (2021); Milà et al. (2022); Meyer and Pebesma (2022); Linnenbrink et al. (2023).


'caret' Applications for Spatio-Temporal models


Hanna Meyer, Carles Milà, Marvin Ludwig, Jan Linnenbrink, Fabian Schumacher


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