Conditional Autoregressive LASSO

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Documentation for package ‘CARlasso’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

bGlasso Gibbs sampler for Bayesian Graphical LASSO and extensions
CARlasso Gibbs sampler for Conditional Autoregressive LASSO and extensions
horseshoe Horseshoe method for graphical structure inference
mgp154 Gut microbiota in the Irish Elderly
mgp2592 Hofmockel Soil Aggregate COB KBASE
plot.bglasso_out plot the graph estimated by graphical lasso with threshold method using ggraph
plot.carlasso_out plot the chain graph estimated by CAR-LASSO with threshold or horseshoe method using ggraph
rCARAlasso_ Block Gibbs sampler for adaptive CAR-LASSO
rCARlasso_ Block Gibbs sampler for CAR-LASSO
simu_AR1 Simulate a simple AR1 model with specific predictor