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Dialog box for classification and regression trees


Provides dialog box for fitting a classification and regression tree.


User Interface

Select Analysis Tools -> Tree Regression from the menus. A dialog box will open. Select the data set of interest from the pull-down menu, or browse for a tab-delimited text file. The Data Subsetting tab can be used to select a subset of the data file by choosing a variable from the pull down menu and then selecting the levels of that variable to include. You can hold down the <CTRL> key to add several different levels.

Select a Dependent variable (the variable you wish to predict). Select all Independent variables you wish to include in the model (the variables used to predict the dependent variable). You may hold down the <CTRL> key to several variables. Note: the dependent variable is in the list of possible independent variables, but it should not be selected as an independent variable, or a degenerate regression will be produced.

You can set further options for controlling the tree regression by setting the three analysis options.

The output is a graph containing the tree structure and its estimated regression coefficients.

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