pca.fa.JGR {CADStat}R Documentation

Dialog box for calculating a principle component analysis


This function receives inputs from the Java GUI for factor analysis/principle component analysis and sends these parameters to the FA/PCA function.


User Interface

Select Analysis Tools -> Factor Analysis from the menus. A dialog box will open. Select the data set of interest from the pull-down menu, or browse for a tab-delimited text file. The Data Subsetting tab can be used to select a subset of the data file by choosing a variable from the pull down menu and then selecting the levels of that variable to include. You can hold down the <CTRL> key to select several levels.

Select the No. of Factors you wish to compute. Select all explanatory (Variables) you wish to include in the analysis. You can hold down the <CTRL> key to select several variables.

Output options include generating a Scree Plot, Loading/Score Plot, or using Rotated Variables.

Analysis options include centering all variables to zero and scaling all variables to a unit variance.

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